Clean C - Kommetjie Poster

Where do we meet?

At the long beach showers/ablutions

Who heads this clean up?

Rose – you have never met a person who is loves the sea and dolphins more than Rose does. Not you average sit around and do nothing kinda ‘gal 🙂 Rose will always be at the forefront of any kind of “world saving” project.

What time does it start?


How to get there?

From Cape Town – take the M3. Over Ou Kaapse Weg. Pass Long Beach Mall. At the big robots – turn right towards Kommetjie onto Kommetjie Road.

Pass Masipumulele

6.5km later – turn right into Kirsten. Then left into Benning and immediately on your right you will see the parking lot at the Long Beach ablutions.

Park, take your shoes off and go save the world by picking up one chip wrapper at a time.

Things to do afterwards?

Flip theres loads. The surf there is amazing!

Walk along the coast from the cleanup venue to the lighthouse. Its long but was anything worth doing ever easy?

Take a drive along the coast towards Cape Point past the lighthouse, Misty Clifs. Check out the old crayfish factory. When last have you been to Cape Point. Cut around back into Simonstown. Lunch. Wine. Catch a train.

Best thing about the Kommietjie Beach Cleanup

Looking across the bay into Hout Bay. And then the coast drive past the lighthouse.