So come bake something…

Lets elaborate…

Think 2 things…

1) Give us your hands and your hearts


2) Help us make it sustainable

Give us your hands and your heart and come bake some bread or make some soup for a group of people

    1. Held in Joe Slovo Park. Lasts about 90min – 2 hours.
    2. Costs associated – every person brings a baking pack (About R70) min 5 people. Max 10 people. Can go to multiple locations.
    3. Can be held on any day at any time


Commit to joining once a week or twice a month.

Marketing always wins bake offs…always…apparently…

Get your Marketing Department to challenge Accounts to a Joe Slovo “Made with Love” “bake-off”

Come and see who can make the best bread and get the other office freaks to be the judges and then they get to come next month

Then help us make this project sustainable:

Our needs/sponsorship opportunities:

Vegetables and baking items

Pots. Baking trays/items

Training for ladies

Ordering cakes/items from the “Made with Love” team

Sponsor 1, 2, 5 or 10 bread baking machines

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