So come and give a talk at the Ukhozi Girls Club

Lets elaborate…

I wanted to initially say – I love to talk (its a woman’s thing) but i thought I would get into a huge amount of trouble – so i wont say that 🙂

Dis n grappie ne

Think 2 things…

1) Give us your hands and your heart


2) Help us make this project sustainable

Give us your hands and your heart and come do a 10 to 20 minute talk at the Ukhozi Girls Club or at a Youth Leadership Imbizo

Meetings held at Sinenjongo High School. Every 2nd Friday. Starts at 3pm.

Min 2 ladies from different departments. 10-20 min talk each. Motivational, inspirational, real life talk.

Most woman i know will speak the hind legs off a donkey (poor thing) but again – i wont say anything about that…jokes again

The girls meet every 2nd Friday at Sinenjongo High School

Costs: None

There is no charge for awesomeness.


Commit to doing 2 or 4 talks a year.

Dude – that equates to like 40 minutes of your life and i don’t think you quite realise the impact you will make on these young ladies lives.

No one really invests in these gilrs – like really lifts them up. This is your chance to tell the girls a bit about yourself and give them a word of encouragement or advise. We all messed up in life or we have all had people been generous to us – this is your chance to do the same.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Then help us make this project sustainable

Sponsorship needed for:

Baking equipment



Uniforms (ask the boss to be cool and sponsor 50 shirts – cos you can)

Transport to events


Training/Skills development

Open days at offices to show girls around

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