So give something. Start with a smile

Lets elaborate…

Think 2 things…

1) Give us your hands and your heart


2) Help us make this project sustainable

Give us your hands and your heart and donate some wool, or beads, stationary, baking items, paint

For our “Made with Love project”

Items needed:

  1. Yarn – any colour. Costs about R350 for a full blanket
  2. Beads and elastic string. 1 large packet of mixed beads about R80
  3. 2kg flour, 2kg sugar, 500g butter, 500g salt – costs about R70
  4. Join in and make some items with our Beautiful Future kids or senior citizens.
  5. If you can knit – awesome. If not – come learn. Beading – bring that well hidden art side of you out and be creative.

Can be held any day. Senior Citizens till 12pm.

Beautiful Future kids – Thursdays 3-5pm and weekends.


Support the “Made with Love” crew by buying the “stuff” … that they make … with love…


Accounts buys a big ass bag of blue beads, Marketing red beads and the boss gets pink. Now come make something awesome

Like mom’s cooking…it just tastes better –  cos…it’s “Made with Love”… ta daaa

Clever hay…and another super easy way for you to get involved and uplift someone’s life (or lives) and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take a huge chuck of time out of your already super busy schedule

Get up off your chair, grab a bucket or bag or something and walk to accounts and say the following: “We challenge you to a see who can fill this bag with beads first. Loo-ooo-hooozers buy a basket of bread from the Clean C “Made with Love” team. Walk out and then pull finger to go fill your bag…#likeaboss

Dude – how easy is that. Your bag will keep kids busy. It gives them a skill. Motor skills. Arty creative skills. Concentration. Ownership. Pride…all from you been cool and doing something…It starts with you.

Then help us make this project sustainable

Baking equipment

Electricity contributions

Training courses

Bags of beads

Baking ingredients

Bread baking machines

Buy one blanket a month…winner of the “Staff member of the month award”

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