So come on a township tour

Lets elaborate…

Think 2 things…

1) Give us your hands and your heart


2) Help us make this project sustainable

Give us your hands and your heart and come do walk through Joe Slovo Park

Get out of your comfort zone and stop been such a prude. Put on your walking shoes and come experience how some South Africans live.

Its a really leka easy way to chat to locals, high five a kid, see how people live.

Its not a drive around in a nice air-conditioned car. This is a sensory extravaganza. See the sights. Hear the kids laughing. Smell the braais.

Lasts about 90 – 120 minutes

Can be held on any day at any time


Ask your cool boss to spot your department a trip around Joe Slovo…could he really say no? Friday afternoon baby…PS – all revenue from the walk stays in Joe Slovo. Run by locals for locals.

Or it’s a funky way to celebrate a birthday. Head to a wine farm afterwards (obviously there are no wine farms in Joe Slovo)

Then help us make this project sustainable

Our needs/sponsorship opportunities:

Just come on a tour.

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