…so…come do some team building

Lets elaborate…

Think 2 things…

1) Give us your hands and your heart


2) Help us make this project sustainable

Give us your hands and your heart – get your staff out onto the beach to build some cool team spirit

  1. Sponsorship of R2000 to cover refreshments and travel costs of 15 kids from Joe Slovo Park or Dunoon. Can be held at any beach. Lasts half a day.
  2. Guys that love sport (some refer to them as fitness freaks) – this is for you

Can be held on any day (during the holidays) or any weekend


Commit to doing 2 team buildings per year and/or sponsor a team to join a cleanup on another date

Then help us make this project sustainable:

Our needs/sponsorship opportunities

Sponsor some kids transport and refreshments to join a cleanup and play some beach soccer

It couldn’t be easier or more fun. Pack a cooler box. Blankets and some snacks…flippen leka day out on the beach.


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