So bring out that arty crafty side of you

Lets elaborate…

It’s a craft. It’s a skill. It’s fun. It teaches you to be creative. Kids love it and will think you are cool when you come to help them.

This is for our “Made with Love” project.

Like moms cooking…cos it’s made with love

Think 2 things…

1) Give us your hands and your heart


2) Help us make this project sustainable

Give us your hands and your heart and come make some beads, knit a scarf or support an existing project

Items needed:

  1. Yarn – any colour. Costs about R350 for a full blanket
  2. Beads and elastic string. 1 large packet of mixed beads about R80
  3. 2kg flour, 2kg sugar, 500g butter, 500g salt – costs about R70

Join in and make some items with our Beautiful Future kids or senior citizens

Can be held any day. Senior Citizens till 12pm. Beautiful Future kids – Thursdays 3-5pm and weekends.


Buy something from the “Made with Love” team.

Buy a bread basket once a month or a funky colourful blanket for the “Staff member of the month”

When it comes to Christmas time – buy some cool Christmas decorations from the team.

OK – listen up. So you want to do something cool. Not to difficult. Don’t have much time.


Get up off your chair – walk to the boss and say its time to do a nice easy community upliftment project. The boss will think – this dude needs an increase.

You suggest challenging the different departments in the office – like accounts, marketing, sales, technical, projects – each to chip in R80 and you can go and buy a small truck load of beads.

Then you and someone else comes through to Joe Slovo Park to drop it off. We take some photos. We brand that for you. It goes onto your website or facebook page.

That increase is now looking very good.

Next month or next quarter then you do some baking items.

For the end of the year you do wool/yarn.

3 super easy and awesome community upliftment projects.


Then help us make this project sustainable

Our needs/sponsorship opportunities:

Baking equipment

Electricity contributions

Training courses

Buy one blanket a month…winner of the “Staff member of the month award”

Bags of beads

Baking ingredients

Bread baking machines

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