So come invest in the youth

Lets elaborate…

#noyouth #nofuture

Think 2 things…

1) Give us your hands and your heart


2) Help us make this project sustainable

Give us your hands and your heart and come to a Youth Leadership Imbizo or Beautiful Future Homework Day

Something about “no youth, no future”

Our country needs good leaders…chew on that for a second.

No seriously this country needs some direction at the top.

Madiba Magic Style

Come and give a talk at our next Imbizo

Pop in at our weekly after school homework classes and high five a kid, help a teacher, make some beads, bring some crayons

Costs – there is no charge for being awesome

Lasts as long as you need/or can afford to be out of the office

Give us a shout to organise a visiting date and time


Challenge Accounts or Marketing or the Bosses Boss to do something awesome for some kids

Come make lunch for some kids at an Imbizo…flip some burgers or braai some boerie.

Or 30 people chip in 50 ront and boom – you’ve sponsored a child for a year.

Take some stationary packs to our Beautiful Future Kids

Or buy a bread basked from our Made with Love team and drop it off for the kids or at an Imbizo

Then help us make this project sustainable

Our needs/sponsorship opportunities:

R1500 per kid on our Beautiful Future Project – we would like to increase that to 60 kids in 2016. We started with 15 in 2014, 30 in 2015 and it only makes sense to grow it.

Sponsor a Youth Leadership Imbizo for 50 kids.

Or just their lunch.

Sponsor 30 kids transport and refreshments to a beach cleanup or a netball tournament

Sponsor school shoes or running shoes

Sponsor refreshments or transport to a camping weekend away

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