So you want to do some community upliftment projects.

Not sure where to start or what to do…

Let’s make this easy for you.

That even rhymes – sounds like the start to a song.

First and foremost – Community projects need to be fun. They need to be meaningful. They need to be impactful. They don’t need to cost anything. But understand that their might be some costs involved.

But let’s not talk money.

Let’s talk about you and/or your company giving us your hands and your hearts FIRST and then going from there.

So where do we start…

Stick with me – don’t doze off – otherwise you’ll fall off your chair and your boss will not give you that raise that we talk about in “I love arts and crafts”

Decide on a few things:


Here goes…

Which project really speaks to you.

Don’t go do a kids project if you don’t shmaark kids (but like who doesn’t like kids).

If sport is your thing – then come play some beach soccer. You check. You like painting – lets do a crèche or park paint project

This is an important one – so think about it. What really talks to your heart


How much time you have?

Do you want to spend one hour? A whole day? Because the office is getting involved – we can only do 90 minutes…then the boss starts getting nervous. OR you have the best boss in the world and he says to you “Great initiative – go Friday morning and then take the rest of the day off plus you get a raise”

When is convenient?

During the week?

Tuesday mornings at 10am?

End of the month is out cos we are busy!

Saturdays can work for all. Or Saturdays are out cos its family time and you cant expect your staff to work on weekends.

As an example – The Jeep Club decided to do a cleanup up the Westcoast – easy, family, weekend, a full day out, environment, fun, easy, braai. Done

How many times a year/month/week do you want to get involved?

Do you want to do a once off project? I’m not a fan of once offs (but there are times and places for it).

Can you only commit to joining a beach cleanup once a month? Coolest

Do you want to do 4 projects a year for your company? If so pick 4…do 1 in Feb, 1 in May, a cool Mandela Day project in July and some team building in October/November.

Do one project a month.

Go for a township tour (Jan), hands on the ground painting (Feb) ,do a small fundraiser (March), bake some bread (April), order some bread (May-Dec), plant a tree (June), Mandela Month (July), Beach cleanup (Aug), plant another tree (Sept), beach soccer (Oct), go back to the crèche (Nov), sponsor a kid (Dec)

Not that difficult…and it certainly beats sitting around doing nothing, picking your nose and eating it.

But seriously time is a huge factor when deciding which project to do and where to get involved.

Plan ahead. Schedule it in.

If you cant do a month, or 2, or 3…dude its not the end of the world.

How much time can you afford to be out the office or commit to the project?

Lets be honest – not everyone can be out at the same time. Your boss will kick your butt.

So then decide – ok – this month – Friday – Accounts is going to bake bread. Then next month Sales and Marketing do a bead collection/drive and they come drop them off. Technical okes are always busy – but always generous – so they are going to sponsor a kid at the end of the year on Beautiful Future.

Lives are also crazy. Its work, family, friends, gym, church, party, rugby world cup – when the freak are you supposed to get time to fit this in?

Schedule it.

Think of 3 projects you want to support in a year. Go to a beach cleanup, buy some beads and pop in at a extra homework class with Beautiful Future.

How many people do you want to involve in the project?

Just yourself? A truck load of people?

Come plant trees with 15 people.

Do it on a Saturday and bring the family along on a township tour.

Only half of the office goes in March, then the other half goes in April.

Are you still awake?

Nee goed so.

Right – give this all some thought. Chat to your colleagues. Send them our website and tell them to pick a project. Narrow it down to 3 or 4 if need be.

Pick a date. Pick a time. Chat to the boss. Get the family involved.

Then give me (Greg Player) a call on 082 873 1962 and if you still confused or need some assistance – lets chat about it.

This is important stuff.

The rubbers about to hit the road so let’s make it count. Let’s make it really count.


#bethechange #loveyourcommunity #seethechange

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