Here are the photos from our first ever Night Beach Run. My camera lens was constantly fogged up so pics are not that great! Jammer hoor! We had a super turnout! Just on 180 runners taking part. We will be using the funds raised from the run to feed 40 kids in Joe Slovo Park for 1 month and with the additional entries we are employing 1 additional lady as part of our “Feel the Passion” Project. Nqobile was working at a Orphanage but unfortunately they could not keep her on, so we took a leap of faith and have taken her on board to head up our Ukhozi High School Girls Club. Ukhozi means Eagle in Xhosa and the aim of this group is to motivate the girls to inspire for bigger things than just hanging out with men for air time and getting involved with drugs/gangsterism/alcohol abuse etc.
So thanks
Our first ever run on the beach at night was a success.
Hopefully we will et some “better” photos at the next event at the Milnerton Lighthouse on 20 May.
A huge thanks as well to my staff…you guys are legends
And a special thanks to our venue hosts the Dolphin Beach Hotel and Blowfish Restaurant for sponsoring the boeries! Not even loadshedding could stop these guys!

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