Awesome turnout at this weekends first ever (and a first for Cape Town and South Africa) Beach Run Series. Over 150 entrants and we were greeted by absolutely gorgeous weather! The tide was perfect for some nice hard sand running! The 10km throwing in some challenging softer sand bits – but hay – if it was easy – you wouldnt be stronger afterwards!
Loads of guys making use of our complimentary ice bath at the finish 🙂
Thank so much to our sponsors for making this event possible!
Results will be posted up in the morning!
We will be implementing a “elastic band” collection at the turnaround points to eleminate any confusion as to who did which distances at our next 2 runs on the 14th and th 28th.
All funds raised from this event will go towards employing 5 ladies from Joe Slovo Park (who subsiquently took our 30 kids on our beautiful future project to the Milnerton Beach Cleanup where 70 bags of rubbish was collected)

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