Clean C | Cape Town Beach Cleanup has helped get a recycling project started up at Fishhoek Primary School. Now in its 5th week – this project is proving really rewarding for the kids, the school and the environment. Over 1 ton of recyclable rubbish that would have landed up on landfill has been recycled! Oh and by the way – the school is making a bit of cash from this. They certainly not going to build a new cricket pitch but the money is going towards buying recycle bins and funding similar (smaller) projects around the school.
PET1, mixed plastic, glass, newspaper, tin, cardboard, mixed paper are all brought to school and then taken to a buy back centre.
Well done to these kids for taking a stand and seeing the importance of looking after the environment!
If you know of a school that would need help in starting a recycling project up – let us know and we will assist with pleasure!
#beawesome #bethechange #seethechange

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