Hello you biscuit…look at you sitting (or standing) there getting ready to save the world.

So Clean C #loveyourplanet Recycling…

To signup please click here (keeps you on this website just takes you to another page)…click on the recycling signup line

Collection days are the following:

Mondays: Royal Ascot

Tuesdays: Milnerton, Milnerton Ridge, Woodbridge Island.

Thursdays: Sandrift, Tyjgerhof,  Big Bay, West Beach, (ANYTHING WEST (Sea side) OF THE R27) Blouberg, Burgundy Estate

Fridays: Tableview (ANYTHING EAST (Bayside side) OF THE R27), Flamingo Vlei,Parklands, Sunningdale (if you are not sure – please check in with me)


Bags out by 8am please

3 Fee options:

Pay for the year in advance (we give you 1 month for free)


2 x 6 month options (2 x R300 payments)


Month by month (R50 per month)

We run our billing period from (start) March to (end) February.


Sign up anytime in March (2019) – Feb 2020 – You pay R550 (YOU GET 52 BAGS)

Sign up in April (2019) – Feb 2020 – R500 (YOU GET 50 BAGS)

Sign up in May (2019) – Feb 2020– R450 (YOU GET 45 BAGS)

Sign up in June (2019) – Feb 2020– R400 (YOU GET 40 BAGS)

Sign up in July (2019) – Feb 2020– R350 (YOU GET 35 BAGS)

Sign up in Aug (2019) – Feb 2020– R300 (YOU GET 30 BAGS)

Sign up in Sept (2019) – Feb 2020 – R300 (YOU GET 30 BAGS)

Sign up in Oct (2019) – Feb 2020 – R250 (YOU GET 25 BAGS)

Sign up in Nov (2019) – Feb 2020 – R200 (YOU GET 20 BAGS)

Sign up in Dec (2019) – Feb 2020 – R150 (YOU GET 15 BAGS)

Sign up in Jan (2020) – Feb 2020 – R100 (YOU GET 10 BAGS)

Sign up in Feb (2020) – Feb 2020 – R50 (YOU GET 5 BAGS)

All Clients receive their yearly bag allocation at the END of FEB 2019 (and again in 2020)

Please plan for the next price increase to come into effect from March 2020 (R60 per month)

EVERYONE will renew in February for the next year…


Company weekly recycling collection service available at R550 per month. 



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