This is where the rubber hits the road.

The Idea:

Get some awesome runners (like yourself) to sponsor a group of development runners to compete in various races around Cape Town

To give them the opportunity that they would never have had.

This country needs good leaders – lets use running as a way to uplift these runners lives.

Run 2 Lead

Runners to future leaders


  • The Two Oceans Marathon 21km charity entry will cost you R2000
  • Group discounts for 3 or more entries (email for more details)
  • This goes towards covering costs for the year for the development team (breakdown below).
  • Of course you are welcome to raise more.
  • We can assist you with different ideas but ultimately it will be your own project. Any additional funds go towards growing the project and training.

Fundraising and time frames:

  • We would need a minimum deposit of R1000 paid on application. Full payment is also welcome
  • The balance can be paid as you go along. We would need full payment before January 2017.

How would you go about the fundraiser?

  • R2000 is the minimum. If you would like to raise some more…flippen awesome…
  • Some people are happy to pay the 2k upfront – that’s cool with us.
  • Some don’t have 2k lying around – so here are some ideas…
  • How to raise 2k or more
  • Get 20 people to sponsor you R100 or R200 (Or a per km amount). Mom, dad, ouma, your uncle in Plett, the boss etc etc.
  • Run a raffle at work – give us a shout and we can help sponsor some prizes (hoodies/sunscreen/photography shoot voucher etc)
  • Accounts sponsors R500, marketing R500, sales R500 and the boss whom you love so much spots the last R500
  • Get your sister over in London to sponsor you 100 pounds…that’s 2k right there #likeaboss
  • It’s a big elephant – so one bite at a time

What all is included and where does the money get allocated?

  • You are guaranteed an entry into the Two Oceans Half Marathon.
  • You get a “Run 2 Lead” long sleeve top and “Made with Love” Buff
  • A pair of running shoes for the development runner. Value R500
  • Transport and logistics for the development runners to get to at least 6 races in 2016. Value R600
  • Refreshments for the development team when attending training camps and races. Value R600
  • A Mandela Year Community upliftment project in Joe Slovo Park. Value R500
  • The development runner gets registered with a running club and gets kitted out in club running kit.

Who are the sponsored runners?

  • These will range from teens to oldies, guys to girls, fit, fat, fast (lank, slank en lekker) normal average people like you and me.
  • These runners will be selected by my team from Clean C and will all be from Joe Slovo Park.
  • Many of them have already been identified from projects that we have been involved with. Your sponsorship will help them do something that otherwise they would never be able to do.
  • These are all people that want to make a positive impact in others’ lives and I think it only fitting that we give them an opportunity to do so.

Some success Stories from 2016 and goals for 2017:

A few success stories from 2016 are:

·         Coming 2nd at the WP Cross Country Champs

·         Beating some of the Elites at the Cell C Day of the Races

·         Inspiring a few of the youth to go forward with tertiary education. Events management, hospitality management, clothing design to name a few.


For 2017 we have a few goals with the team.

·         Employ a team manager on a full-time basis (this is going to be key in ensuring the success and longevity of the project). Employment. Empowering. Educating.

·         Provide a more structured training program for the team

·         First in 3 age groups for WP Cross Country

·         Send a team to SA Champs

·         Get some of the runners to run a sub 15min 5km


3 Really cool success stories from 2014/2015:

Siviwe. Went to his first Parkrun at Big Bay and came 2nd. When asked why he came 2nd – he said 2 things…1) He didn’t know the route and he could have easily overtaken the guy at the end but he believes in good sportsmanship – so he let the lead guy win (how freaking awesome is that)! And 2) He didn’t have the right shoes – that week we went to get the team new tekkies!

Alfred. Quiet at first. Reserved. Loves sport. Hugely talented guy. Watching him coming out of his shell and improving his results at school. His personality and confidence grew immensely. He started Canoe Polo and recently qualified as a City of Cape Town Lifeguard. “The running” he says “keeps him focused and away from all the ills that face youth in townships”

Ronnie. Going back to night school. Focused on getting his matric. Run 2 Lead taught him that a bit of hard work – goes a long way.

What happens once you’ve paid the entry fee?

You will be given a voucher number and you go ahead and enter yourself.

Some things to note:

Your voucher expires on 27 Feb 2017 – so make sure your entry is in before then otherwise you snooze you looze chine beans

You may need to purchase a timing chip and temp license where need be.

There is no 2 Oceans T shirt included. You can purchase these at the Expo.

Take a look at some of the community projects that we as an organisation run on a day to day basis…

Clean C Projects and how to get involved

Can companies get involved?

Of course yes. All corporate sponsorship can go towards SED (Social Economic Development) point on your BBBEE score card.


Please call Gregory Player and fire away if you have any queries etc.
082 873 1962