The Beautiful Future Project is a long term project where we invest in the youth of Joe Slovo Park and (eventually) other communities

Kids are identified with the help of different role models within the community and put on the program for one year. We buy the kids their school uniforms, stationary and assist (where applicable) with school fees. If the kids need any other support or items to assist them with their studies (like a desk or school bag) then we help out where possible.

Kids are included in:

  • Beach and community cleanups
  • Sporting events
  • Youth Leadership Imbizos
  • Maths, reading and computer programs
  • Local tours and train trips around Cape Town

We also work with the families to assist them with saving up for tertiary education or for when the kids leave school (registration for a college program, transport etc)

We get quarterly progress reports and encourage a “mentor/friend” relationship with the sponsors. Facilitating a meet up at beach cleanups that the kids are included at.

Sponsorship costs R1500 and can be divided into whatever payment option that suits you or your company. If you see value to the project and believe that you have made a positive impact in the child’s life at the end of one year then you can commit to another year at the end of the first year. The idea is that we support and mentor that child all the way through their school career.


Beautiful Future


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