Milnerton Poster

Where do we meet?

At Milnerton Lighthouse on the beach next to the showers

Who heads this cleanup?


What time does the cleanup start?


How to get there/find it

From town – hit the R27 North – hang a left at Loxton road towards Woodbridge Island…park anywhere
From Tableview – head down the R27 (South) – turn right at Loxton Road – over the bridge towards Woodbridge Island

Things to do afterwards:

Walk up the lagoon at Lagoon Beach Hotel.

Chat to the friendly lifeguards at the Milnerton Life Savers Club

Play a round of golf.

Go check out the wooden bridge

Best thing about the Milnerton Beach Cleanup

The view of Table Mountain is just spectacular. Get your car washed by one of the friendly car guards. One of the only beaches with a wreck that is visible. about 1.2km up the beach towards Sunset Beach – its the Winton. Google it. Interesting storey.


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