We are a group of enthusiastic people passionate about South Africa and the people in South Africa. Knowing there is a massive need for opportunities for people to develop and grow – not only themselves but others around them. NPO# 130-346


  • Vision:
    Generating opportunities through entrepreneurship, creating sustainable employment to enrich, educate, empower and inspire. Uplifting communities to be free from crime, enabling them to live with mutual respect and dignity and to realise their dreams.
  • Mission Statement:
    Multi inter-community upliftment and enrichment through education, skills development, sport participation, safety and security initiatives, environmental awareness all through community involvement and job creation.
  • We have been doing beach and community cleanups for the last 4 years. Organizing sports events and assisting companies grow by partnering with them on different projects.
  • We have helped remove over 100 tons of rubbish off our beaches and in communities around Cape Town in the last 4 years

We want to assist people set up township tours to educate local South Africans about what happens in and around Townships. International tourists as well. We also want kids and people from those communities to be able to experience Cape Town and be a tourist themselves by facilitating tours around Cape Town.




Family. Christian, husband, father, friend. Lover of South Africa, passionate about the beautiful South Africa people and cultures. Willing to give anyone a lift to the airport that wants to emigrate. Action. User of the Sea. Kite boarders, surfer, paddler, swimmer, runner, mountainbiker, wakeboarder. Completed 3 Ironmans, 1 Comrades, 1 Argus, 2 x 2Oceans Ultras. Keen on giving other people the opportunity to do similar and reach their potential. Scuba instructor, photographer, hospitality professional, hotel management degree, passionate about skills development. Organiser. Let’s get things done. Don’t tell me about your problem, come with a (possible) solution. Running beach cleanups for the last 3 years. Dreamer.


Passionate about God, life, endurance & water sports, people and photography. Fuelled by faith in an awesome Creator who gave us such beautiful nature and especially our oceans, I believe we need to live to the full by enjoying and preserving it. I fully support Greg and his amazing family in what they do though CLEAN C. Their positive approach in creating a better living environment for all in the community though different initiatives, is inspiring!


Who is Marie Abraham? I’m a born and bred Capetonian that grew up in the Northern suburbs but have lived in the Tableview area for 10 years now. Most important in my life is my husband and two beautiful daughters. I have a passion for the environment and all green issues that started at a very young age. I studied Nature Conservation, but my career has moved more and more into the field of Environmental Management in the past 10 years. Two issues that is very close to my heart is Sustainable Energy use and Waste Management – and the education of the general public on these issues.


Im a female, 44yrs old, married, mother of 4. I was born in Eastern Cape and grew up there. I got my Matric at Mthatha Technical College.I grew up in a nice area known as Ngangelizwe Location, Mthatha. I worked in various companies and learned lot of experience in Administration, Management, Customer Service. I’ve learned more about people and different environment.While time goes on, I realize that the most thing I like about myself is to help people, those who less fortunate.I visited various orphanage homes, feeding people living on the streets, building good relationship and trust with them.I’m a very easy to reach person, caring and loving. I respect everybody to get respected too. I’m always available to assist, I love playing Soft ball, Cricket and Walking 10km.


I was born on 01 August 1980, in a diamond mining town called Kleinzee. I am the 2nd of 4 children. I started primary school in 1987 and completed high school in 1998. In 1999 I started a 3yr National Diploma Course in Tourism Management which I achieved in 2002.In 2006 I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. Its a genetic disease that leads to loss of sight. I am a father to a 3yr old boy. My aim in life is to learn as much as I can and not to be just someone with a disability.I love to be with people.


Im 21yrs old born 1992 May 09, I was born in Gugulethu in Cape Town by Rachel & Amos Macebo Qwetha (my parents).At the age of 3yrs I went to Willowvale, Eastern Cape to stay with my grandparents. They played a vital role in me when growing up. Because of that they are the closest people to me. Even though my grandfather died 10yrs ago, I still feel connected with him.I completed my Matric year 2012. I love soccer so much that I wanted to be a professional player one day. I’m an easy to reach person even though Im shy. I’m strongly believe that I’m no better than anyone in the world as I respect moral and values of other people. Thats me!!!


I was born in 1993, I live in Dunoon, Milnerton is where I raise and born. Originally my parents were from Dimbaza in Eastern Cape.I like hanging around with people, my hobbies is reading writing and watching cartoons. My role model is Nontle Thema. I hate someone who judging others and someone who pretend to be my friend while is my worst enemy. I also like working hard because my value grows more and more.


I’m 25yrs female was born in Eastern and grew up in Western Cape. I am a South African Citizen. A mother a one lovely son. I pass Matric in 2008.I’m a very hard working person, I easily to understand, love working with people. I can be part as well as independent. I’m very ambitious person and have lots of goals in life and one of them to further my education and gain more experience. I respect others culture, I’m not getting angry easly because I sort the problem immediately and forget about it. I’m honest, have trust, loving.