10 Days of pure Madiba Magic



Bake some bread, plant a tree, serve someone a cuppa soup, sponsor a movie ticket, encourage (be kind) to someone. Be the change, see the change.

Remember when Nelson Mandela Was released from jail? When we won the rugby world cup, when we hosted the cricket word cup, when uncle Seb pulled “South Africa” out the envelop…Madiba Magic was alive in South Africa…we need to bring back and feel the passion of the rainbow nation.


Make it a Mandela Year:

In 2013 we painted the walls at 2 parks in Joe Slovo Park.

In 2014 we did a orphanage makeover, 5 wall painting projects, 2 park upliftments, book collections and a feeding project

In 2015 we want to up our game a bit. Bring out or “A-Game”…join us and help make a massive difference

From the 11th to the 19th of July 2015 we are going to really celebrate Mandela Day.

Youth, Sport, Community, Education, Families, Business Training, Skills Development, Community Cleanups, Beach Runs

It is going to be a #Beautiful10Days

 A few problems/challenges/things we have realised in our past Mandela Day Projects:

  1. Challenge…Winter can be a problem with weather…Solution…Spread activities out over a few days
  2. Challenge…Companies cant send all staff at once…Solution…Make loads of different activities so everyone can take part
  3. Challenge…Not everyone wants to “paint a wall” or “make soup”…Solution…Have different projects and hopefully one speaks to your heart
  4. Challenge…Some companies are willing to contribute towards financial costs…Solution…You know what they say about money ne 🙂 Give us your hands and your heart and lets do this thing called “Madiba Magic”

Some of our goals/projects for 2015:

  • Mobile Health Clinic (Dept of Health has confirmed participation #selfiehighfive)
  • Equip, empower and educate communities on how to bake their own bread
  • Business Entrepreneurship Training
  • Youth Leadership Imbizos
  • Sports Days
  • Joe Slovo “Open Streets Day”
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Blanket and (long term) food drives
  • Beach and Community Cleanups
  • Corporate Beach Cleanups
  • Red Cross Kids Hospital Visit
  • 5 Home Makeovers

Our needs:

Give us your hearts…tell the boss to calm down. It doesn’t have to cost anything. Of course there might be costs involved – have you ever tried to feed 1000 people with “nought” Rand? Aint gonna happen. Simply make a commitment to join in at a project first. Find something that “SPEAKS TO YOUR HEART”, that shouts your companies beliefs/core values. You will know what you can and cant do/give/commit to. We don’t want anything other than someone that believes in making a long term sustainable difference in peoples lives. SIMPLE.


How you or your company/school can get involved:

  • Our biggest need is always hands on the ground to help us out with the different projects.
  • Chose a project, heck – choose 2. Some work. Some play. Then you swop…those that worked then get to play.
  • Sponsor/supply the following:
    • Paint. brushes
    • Bread baking machines
    • Blankets
    • Non perishable food items for our 10 day soup kitchen
    • Refreshments for volunteers (a case of water/cokes/Oros or Jive, some happy meals or a box of pizza or 3 :-))
    • Sports Day (Soccer balls, hotdogs and cool drinks for participants)
    • Spot prizes for our Youth Leadership Imbizos (Movie tickets, meal vouchers, shopping vouchers, easy stuff)
    • Meals for our Gala Dinner (100 people – 40 x chickens, 20kgs rice, salad items, dessert, 50L juice)
    • Schools – get the grade 3s to bring rice, the grade 4s – juice, grade 5s – chicken pieces etc etc. Eating an elephant one bite at a time.
    • Companies – Marketing does the rice, HR the juice, accounts dessert, senior management (everyone laughs) gets the rest
  • Take part in our Corporate Beach Cleanup Day and help us clean all the way from Gordons Bay to Melkbos (R2000 fundraising sponsorship)
  • Don’t make sandwiches…bring your company/school and come teach young and old how to bake their own bread. Talk about teaching a man to fish
  • Join us at our Polar Bear Swim at Small Bay. A #BigFreeze for a #BeautifulFuture
  • Take part in our (1 or 2 lap) 6.7km Beach Run
  • Offer an hour of your time and join our Business Leadership Training. Just join and offer someone a word of encouragement or advise…who knows
  • Buy 10 trees (or 67 trees-a tree costs R80) and lets plant them…trees are good right? Like wifi…just better
  • Each person at your organisation sponsors a tree. Schools – every grade sponsors 10 trees. Marketing 10 trees, HR 10 trees, accounts 10 trees, senior management (everyone laughs) gets the rest
  • Who’s the green fingers in the company? Help start a vegetable garden (seeds, compost, gardening tools)
  • Volunteer your 67 minutes at a soup kitchen…and give someone your jacket when you leave…really – yes really
  • Go visit the Red Cross Children’s Hospital and take 67 gifts (for kids and staff)
  • Sponsor items needed for a home makeover, like:
    • 5 x microwaves
    • 5 toasters
    • 5 kettles
    • 5 heaters
    • 5 x R500 food vouchers
    • 5 sets of linen/blankets
    • 5 sets of pots/cutlery/crockery
    • Or adopt a home makeover and get everyone to join in. Paint, renovate, make new friends, make someone smile
  • Commit R2000 to feed 40 kids at an ECD/Creche for July or buy the food items yourself, drop it off and see the biggest smiles in the world
  • Sponsor R500, R1000 or whatever you can afford, towards the project. All contributions will be issued with necessary BBBEE documentation

You let us know where and when it suites you and we will make it happen.

Long term, big difference making, sustainable, continuous – those are words we love to hear and believe in and will continue doing.


Pop Greg a mail at greg@cleanc.co.za or Nothabo at events@cleanc.co.za and let us know if you are going to join. Or give Greg a call on 082 872 1962

All companies/people wanting to take part will need to meet in Joe Slovo Park 1 week before Mandela Day to see where and how their contribution will be making a difference to that awesome community.



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