The Blouberg Big Freeze Polar Bear Swim

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Big Freeze Mandela Day Polar Bear takes place on the 18th of July 2015.

Come and join in/take part/contribute at our Mandela Day Big Freeze Dip event on the 18th of July…officially the craziest/coolest/funnest/stupidest/most Vaalie/amazingly fun/maddest (like very mad) thing you’ve ever done this Winter.

Bring with anything that floats – like a good old fashioned tractor tube or “Li-Lo”



  • 12:30pm meet up at Small Bay in front of Onse Huisie
  • Register and get ready.
  • Head into Small Bay nice in ice cold sea
  • Swim/bob/tread water/stand(shoulders submerged) in Small Bay for (at least) 10 odd minutes.
  • Head must dip under water to qualify for the #bigbrainfreeze
  • No wetsuit allowed…(read last sentence on this page)
  • Emphasis is on fun and its not an Ironman Swim out to Robben Island!
  • Kids friendly.
  • Everyone in a group nice and social, nice and slow! Less rushing, more enjoyment!
  • So its not a distance swim – just paddle n park
  • Hot chocolates for sale afterwards


So again:

12:30pm meetup at Small Bay on the beach in front of Onse Huisie, warm up and head into the water at 12:45pm for about a 5 min chill. It’s a fun event – so if you want to dash in and dash out – that’s coolest (no pun intended)

A little bit of common sense to prevail – obviously if you getting too cold – you get out. No medals for acts of bravery/stupidity. Done 100% at owners own risk.

No “distance swimming”


That’s it – plain and simple…

Participants are also encouraged to bring something along that floats.

Or come and watch, take photos, support, have a laugh and hot chocolate afterwards.


Fundraiser for our Mandela Day 2015 project



How to enter:

  • To enter the event –see the entry form above. (easy peasy lemon squeezy)
  • ONLY pre entries allowed.
  • You will receive an email confirming entry. Please mail for more information.
  • Make an EFT – bank details on our website
  • If you just want to support the event (and not take part) you can donate below.
  • Where do the funds go to? Mandela Day 2015 project


If you can’t make it, don’t want to take part, think it’s silly, or the most awesome idea ever but would still like to support then you can join on the day and make a donation there.


How to donate:

We will also have an option to make a donation on the day.


Medals and Certificates to all pre entrants ONLY.

Join us afterwards for a leka picnic.

Event will not be cancelled or moved/postponed unless there is lightning physically hitting the ocean or the water is above 27 Degrees.


PS – if you really want to take part and wear a wetsuit its a double sms (R40 entry fee) Just for shiggles…

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