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What is this all about?(Happiness)

These fun runs will be held to do some fundraising to start up a library in Joe Slovo Park. They’re going to be on the 28th and 29th March 2015 respectively, 10:30am, Muizenberg Beach, Surfers Corner and Melkbosstrand Beach, NSRI Station.

Huh??? Tell me more…Happy thoughts:

They’re going to be like the colour run that I’m sure you have heard about – just way better, way more affordable and go towards a way better cause. It will involve running/walking/frisbees/hula-hoops/a billion bubbles/a save the world pick up 3 pieces of litter clean-up(as part of the run)/rolling on the beach/laughing.

So what’s the deal behind this run???

It’s a chance to celebrate and be happy and show gratitude for everything you have! Your family, health, maybe you’re a Cancer survivor, maybe you still fighting, maybe you lost a loved one but have been blessed with something/someone else. Join us on the the 25th and 26th for a really special event.

We are also raising funds to start up a library in Joe Slovo Park and to promote a reading/homework program with kids in the area. A big problem there is that there are no facilities near by for the kids to get books and encourage reading…so that’s where the funds raised from this run will go towards. Buying books and paying some local ladies from the community a monthly salary to help kids read, to encourage them taking a book home and bringing it back and swopping it for another one. Pretty cool huh 🙂

Kids need to walk quite far to get to the library – which they are – so that GREAT

But the need to cross super busy Koeberg Road – which is NOT GREAT

They go there to use the reference books – which is GREAT

But they are tearing pages out cos they don’t have access to these books closer to home and they don’t have money for photo copies – which is NOT GREAT

But at least they are doing their homework – which is GREAT

But lets make it easier for them. (Also great ne)

Books in a classroom/in their homes that they can use to read and do research on.

What are you HAPPY about?

Generous Capetownians? Awesome beaches? Summer? Wind? Windless days? Weekends? Your pooches? BIRTHDAYS!!! Clean beaches? Traffic Jams (means you have a job – don’t worry – be happy)

How must I come dressed?

3 words – dude – loud!!!

Come dressed up in the most outrageously luminous clothes ever! Loud, funky luminous! Most balloons tied to one person (wins a prize)! Wedding dress (wins a prize).

Why 10:30am?

Low tide…10:30am…And why not – come enjoy a sunrise session (well sort of). Start the day off with a bowl of fitness sprinkled with loads of health…Think happy thoughts.

Is there going to be beach running?

Yippa- 100% Beach Run. Either run bare foot or let you tekkies kiss the beautiful clean sands of Muizenberg and Melkbosstrand.

What happens if it rains?

Easy – wear a funky luminous rain coat and bring your best singing voice with.

Are entries transferable?

Happy thoughts – but unfortunately nope. If you cant make it – there wont be a refund…but your hard earned rands still go towards a great cause!

Must I pre-enter?

Ja please – we need to know how many people to cater for ensovoorts.

When do entries close?

Entries will close the day before the event.

Can I bring a dog?

Of course…we love dogs as much as we love kids – but please bring poop scoops/bags with.

Click here to book entries for Beach 4 Books Muizenberg 28 March 2015.
Click here to book entries for Beach 4 Books Melkbos 29 March 2015.

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