Hello you biscuit…look at you sitting (or standing) there getting ready to save the world.

Your Name and surname

Your Email

Your Contact Number

Physical Address


Bank Details (Please make sure you check the correct pro-rata amount to pay (below))


Acc# 62419523289

Branch 200909

Reference Rec + your address


So Clean C #loveyourplanet Recycling…


Collection days are the following:

Mondays: Royal Ascot

Tuesdays: Milnerton, Milnerton Ridge, Woodbridge Island.

Thursdays: Sandrift, Tyjgerhof, Edgemead, Plattekloof, Monte Vista (etc) Big Bay, West Beach, (ANYTHING WEST (Sea side) OF THE R27) Blouberg, Burgundy Estate, Richwood, Bothasig

Fridays: Tableview (ANYTHING EAST (Bayside side) OF THE R27), Flamingo Vlei,Parklands, Sunningdale (if you are not sure – please check in with me)


Bags out by 8am please

3 Fee options:

Pay for the year in advance (we give you 1 month for free)


2 x 6 month options (2 x R300 payments)


Month by month (R50 per month)

We run our billing period from (start) March to (end) February.


Sign up anytime in March (2019) – Feb 2020 – You pay R550 (YOU GET 52 BAGS)

Sign up in April (2019) – Feb 2020 – R500 (YOU GET 50 BAGS)

Sign up in May (2019) – Feb 2020– R450 (YOU GET 45 BAGS)

Sign up in June (2019) – Feb 2020– R400 (YOU GET 40 BAGS)

Sign up in July (2019) – Feb 2020– R350 (YOU GET 35 BAGS)

Sign up in Aug (2019) – Feb 2020– R300 (YOU GET 30 BAGS)

Sign up in Sept (2019) – Feb 2020 – R300 (YOU GET 30 BAGS)

Sign up in Oct (2019) – Feb 2020 – R250 (YOU GET 25 BAGS)

Sign up in Nov (2019) – Feb 2020 – R200 (YOU GET 20 BAGS)

Sign up in Dec (2019) – Feb 2020 – R150 (YOU GET 15 BAGS)

Sign up in Jan (2020) – Feb 2020 – R100 (YOU GET 10 BAGS)

Sign up in Feb (2020) – Feb 2020 – R50 (YOU GET 5 BAGS)

All Clients receive their yearly bag allocation at the END of FEB 2019 (and again in 2020)

Please plan for the next price increase to come into effect from March 2020 (R60 per month)

EVERYONE will renew in February for the next year…


Company weekly recycling collection service available at R450 per month. 


In a nutshell

  • When you sign up – we will give you bags to carry you through to the end of Feb
  • You can put out as many bags as you want (preferable see through or a color tinted bag. Preferably NOT BLACK)
  • You put everything into one bag. Glass, tin, paper, plastic, cardboard. Easy Peasy
  • Clean & dry. Practice common sense with water restrictions.
  • Your payment contributes to the employment of 7 people from Joe Slovo and Dunoon. From driver to collectors, sorters and admin – so you are making a massive difference to these ladies and gents lives
  • #bluetooth #highfive #sustainable #jobcreation
  • If you need more bags – we are selling 50 bags for R100. Snap/EFT and we will deliver with the next collection.


We really appreciate you wanting to support this project.


So where to from here:

  • Online application above
  • Fill it out and an automated email will be sent through to you.


Frequently asked questions:

What time must bags be out? ALWAYS by 8am lated. Please…pretty please.

Can we give an aproximate time of collection? Unfortunatley not – its very difficult to commit to a time. If we get held up somewhere or run late then you cry like a chick. Bags out by 8am. ALWAYS.

Can we ring the door bell to collect? Unfortunately not. Security reasons

Can we call before picking up? (I sound like a flippen broken record) But…unfortunately not. Batteries die. Run outta air time. Very difficult to commit to.

What can we do about vagrants scratching through bags? If possible leave them on the inside of a gate or fence where we can reach in to take the bags out.

Must you let us know if you are going away on holiday? Preferably NOT. Again security issues. If you are heading oversees for 3 months – simply dont put bags out and notify us when you are back.

What happens if you forget to put a bag out or if we forget to collect? Where possible we always collect. If we miss your house – let us know and if possible we will collect. If not – please hold onto the bag till the following week.

At what time must I “panic” if I see my bags have not been collected? You are welcome to let me know via “Whatsapp” around 4pm. Sometimes the guys start in different areas at different times. Just cos your bags ALWAYS get collected at 10:27am and 39 seconds – and they are still out at 4pm…breath and pop me a watsapp. If he has dinkum forgotton…refer to the point above. We strive for perfection – but sometimes we get it wrong (or right more like it).

What happens if I move houses or if I want to cancel? Give the contract to the new tenants and let them pick up where you left behind (Talk about leaving a legacy). Otherwise 2 months notice period and we will refund you (less an amount for the bags given).


Lekker dag. Have a craka.

PS – I hope you enjoy our goofy sense of humor. If we don’t laugh…ons sal net lang krokodil trane huil

Looking forward to a nice long trashy relationship

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