An Imbizo is a meeting or a gathering of people. Usually to discuss or talk about something specific.

At our Youth Leadership Imbizo we aim to motivate and encourage the youth. And make them realise that the future lies in their hands. Hard work, dedication, sacrifice and success goes hand in hand.

We need to assist the youth in making a success of their lives.

Different themes that we have are:

  • Ideas into Action
  • Sacrifice and Success
  • Good Leadership, Motivation, Finance
  • Life Skills and Your Future
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Your Community and volunteer programs
  • Looking after the environment

We always incorporate some form of sporting and community upliftment project. It keeps kids health and active. The community projects instil that sense of ownership and pride for their community and the kids quickly realise how important it is to do good and not to expect anything in return. They need to break the culture of begging and rather give to someone else, somewhere else and not to expect anything in return.

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