Clean C started a curbside collection project in Spetember 2015 in Milnerton Ridge and since then has grown to doing collections in Milnerton, Sandrift/Tjgerhof, Westbeach, Woodbridge Island and Edgemead.
We allso offer residential complex recycling collection.
We charge a R50 per month collection fee (or R480 if you pay the year in advance).
For residential complex collection prices – pop us a mail to
Collection days are:
Tuesday – Milnerton Ridge, Milnerton, Woodbridge Island
Thursday – Sandrift, Tjgerhof, Westbeach, Edgemead
To signup or if you have any questions…please mail or call 082 873 1962

In a nutshell…

o   We give you 1 recycling bag per collection

o   You fill bag with recyclable materials (glass, tin, paper, cardboard, plastic) (all in one)

o   Some people do separate bottles. This is cool – but not necessary.

o   Tie the bag nice n tight so we don’t have stuff flying around the hood

o   Tying the bag is super important – especially in summer when the Cape Dr thumps through as well as when we pop the bag into the trailer – we don’t want trash flying around.

o   You pop the bag out on the morning of collection

o   Putting it below your postbox makes it a tad easier for us – cos as we collect we put 1 bag in your postbox

o   We collect as many bags as you put out – so you can use your own bags

o   Why do you only give us one bag? We buy the bags so to keep costs down for everyone – we only give one bag.


Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Why do you need to pay?

  • 100% Job creation project for some unemployed people from Joe Slovo & Phoenix
  • 6 people are directly employed from this project. 2 collectors, 3 sorters, 1 admin and we are looking at expanding by another 2 people by the end of 2016
  • Covers basic admin/transport/petrol costs
  • Poverty alleviation/skill development
  • We are not City of CT subsidised
  • Easier than going to a drop off facility

Some frequently asked questions…

o   Should I get an extra bin? You can – depending on space in your house.

o   Should I get an extra wheelie bin? Up to you. We can assist with a colourful one

o   Can we put food in? Nope – that should be going onto a compost heap

o   Must we rinse the tins and tubs out? Yes please – we sort the items and if it’s not rinsed it stinks like a rotten egg. Plus when the item goes for actual recycling then it needs to be clean.

o   What about water restrictions? Good question – use old dishwashing water or even a bucket of borehole water.

o   Must I leave it to dry? Preferably yes – otherwise the water makes the bag sweat and we hit that rotten egg smell again

o   That paper plate that your friends used at the braai on the weekend…its paper yes – but it is soiled – so keep that OUT please.

o   Sweet chilly sauce bottles (or similar) flippen love sweet chilly sauce – who doesn’t just please – when its finished give it a quick rinse and leave the lid off (but also put it in the bag)

o   Cardboard won’t fit in the bag. Indeed – sometimes it doesn’t – flatten the box good and solid and put it under the bag when you pop it outside – so that it doesn’t blow away.

o   Why should I not just take it to the dump? Then it doesn’t necessarily get recycled. Round trip cost to the dump is about R25 per trip…two of those and you’ve supported employ 5 people with our project.

o   Can I not just take it to the bins at some shopping malls. Indeed, an option – they however only take glass and paper…what about tin/plastic/cardboard.


How do we pay?

2 x billing options

Prepay the year in advance = R40 per month. R480


2 x 6 month bills of R300.


  • Partnering with existing recycling projects.
  • Educating people on the environmental benefits of recycling.
  • Educating people on the health benefits of recycling.
  • Educating people on the revenue potential of recycling.
  • Equipping and inspiring people to start up their own business.
  • Township Tours in Du Noon and Joe Slovo Park.

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