Who heads this Cleanup up?

Jenny Barnard – clever, successful, Director at Green Direction Sustainability Consulting.

What time do they start?

9am el pronto. Finishing up around 11ish.

Where are they?

At the HH Sailing Club and/or next to the lifesavers club.

How to find them?

N2 South – hack it into Somerset Wes there by the mall. right, right and a few more rights towards the beach and you’ll find it. Use my amazing Google Maps and you cant get lost…unless you a woman (kidding – just seeing if anyone actually reads this).

Things to do in the area…

If Golf is your thing – take the putter along – there is a putt putt course there.
If, like me, golf is definitely not your thing…then…keep reading
Sup/Surf shop just across the road. Rent a board and take a cruise around.
Topless tanning allowed – only kidding – stay clothed and don’t forget your SPF 40.
Monkey land and Blue rock Cable Skiing just up the road. Go check out your ancestors and then go for a wake board or cable ski afterwards
How offensive is this write-up – i’m firing whoevers’s ass who wrote this.
That would be me…dammit
Hay if we don’t laugh – we will just cry.

Best thing about Strand Beach Cleanup?

Checking out the hot lifesavers (only joking again – i have never seen any on duty there – beside Milnerton Life Saving Clubs lifeguards are way hotter…ps im training to be a lifeguard there)
Taking a trip into Stellenbosch afterwards to one of the markets there.


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