Clean C - Muizenberg Poster

So – who heads this cleanup up?

Legendary marketing extraordinaire Kevin Rack.
Google SEO&M and check out what he does.

Where do they meet?

Que – jaws tune…duuuh dum…
At the Shark Spotter Hut on the beach front. Next to the showers where the surfers rinse off.

How to get there…

Dude – if you don’t know how to get to Muizenberg then eish. But ok for those that are keen to go but not too sure. Pop in “Surfers Corner” on your smart phones GPS and laat wiel. M5 South or M3 South – all the way to the end – and you nearly there.
Or hop on a train and get off at the Muizenberg station.

What time do they start

Naas n early at 9am and they finish around 11

Things to do afterwards

Surf, surf, surf…repeat. Plenty of places to rent boards and kit.
Lunch or something to eat at Knead, Primmi, Gaslight, Tigers milk, Ta dahs…all super awesome!
Take the kids to the water park and go down the super tube…like when last have you done that?
Catch a train to Kalk Bay or Simons Town

Best thing about the Muizenberg Beach Cleanup?

Its the best place to learn to surf in the world so its super important that we keep the beaches squeaky clean.


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