Who heads up this beach cleanup?

Chris Kastern…i think he is famous but i don’t want to speculate 🙂 Ultimate Braai Master or something lank important

Where do they meet?

At the gorgeous Glencairn Beach

How to find them?

On the road that connects Simonstown and Muizenberg…kinda half way ish. There is a train station there – safe to park there or get off the train. Feeling fit? Cycle there and keep it green


9am…don’t oversleep

Things to do after the cleanup?

Cycle back home…as if 🙂
Hop on the train…i keep raving about this blooming train – just take it…somewhere. Cheap as chips
Ice cream at Kalk Bay, fish n chips in Simonstown, go for a surf in Muizenberg
Some nice restaurants in the area too…support the local guys.

Best thing about Glencairn Beach Cleanup…

Chatting to Chris about fishing and saving the world.
Ask him if the panda made him do it?


Glencairn zoomed in Glencairn zoomed out

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